Application Process

You want to study abroad, but the real question arises: How? Good things take time and so will your plane! Your dream is our dream, so leave the rest to us. Our Application process is very simple and easy.
However, Rome wasn’t built in a day but giving you reality check it’s a Wonder now. So will you be, if you follow the steps

Create account

It’s highly crucial to create an account so that all your information and queries are in one place which is easier for you to keep a record and get back to it in the future.

Upload documents

Once you have created your account, the next step is to upload all the documents, which is an extremely imperative step in this whole process. Your documents should be clean and tidy. The file which you are planning to upload should be within the specified size limit and in the format mentioned (jpeg, png, etc.)There is a brief list of documents you need to upload Please make sure you submit all the documents required to avoid delaying the process.

Confirm Program Options

Creating an account has many benefits, not only will all your data be in one place you will be able to communicate with our representative efficiently and effectively without any hassle in the middle of work. Once you submit your profile and documents a counsellor will connect with you to confirm program option and if the program is closed by the time application is submitted, then they will provide you with alternate options. All the communications are managed through your online account.


Pay the application fee

Your program and institution you want to apply at is confirmed, now you have to pay the college/university application fee (if applicable). *Some institutions do not charge application fee, or may run short term promotions to waive off the application fee.


Get the offer letter

Every college and university have different time line to provide offer letter. Once your application is submitted you will be provided with submission confirmation and timeline in which you can expect the offer letter. However, admissions are always competitive, therefore its recommended to apply at 2-3 institutions to be on safer side and where your chances of getting admission is higher.


Pay registration deposit / tuition fee at the college

The offer is issued, now the seat can be confirmed after you pay one semester, one-year tuition fee, or registration deposit as the case maybe. The payment process is mentioned in offer letter and our team will assist you with the tuition fee payment process as well.


Apply for Student Visa

Your offer is confirmed and tuition fee is paid, now you need to apply for your student visa. Our visa team will assist you with the visa process at a very reasonable professional fee.


Prepare for Travel

After the student visa approved you have to prepare for travel and for sure you will have a lot of questions. We provide you with important guidelines and information, so that your travel is safe and hassle free.


On Arrival

After you land and have entered Canada there is mandatory registration and orientation process that you need to follow. Sometimes there are mandatory entry tests that you need to take as well. To make sure you do not miss any important part in the process, you need to book your travel in advance and stay connected with our counsellors, so that they can assist you as needed.